MYANMAR’S Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) announced on July 2 that they will join forces to tackle corruption.

The two organisations signed a joint statement, saying that they will draft a code of conduct regarding anti-bribery measures and will issue the guidelines to domestic businesses. They will also organise anti-corruption educational programmes and raise awareness among the business community, sharing the industry’s best practices. The initiative is linked with anti-corruption efforts from UN Global Compact Network Myanmar.

U Zaw Min Win, chair of UMFCCI, said that Myanmar businesses need to understand how to combat corruption. When corruption is eradicated, the investment environment will improve and more foreign direct investments will enter the country, supporting economic growth.

The ACC is planning to establish anti-corruption units in different departments as well as sub-regional governments in order to curb corruption, U Aung Kyi, ACC chair, said.